since 2011 Sluppen Trondheim: Transformation of an industrial area into a mixed-use urban quarter, urban design study, Kjeldsberg AS with NTNU
since 2010 Science City North Campus Copenhagen, master plan, University of Copenhagen and Danish University and Property Agency, 1. Prize 2010 with COBE Copenhagen, DS Landscape Architects Amsterdam, Asplan Viak Sandvika Norway, Rambøll Denmark
2008-10 East Coast Campus Singapore University of Technology and Design, master plan, Ministry of Education Singapore, 1. Prize 2008 with MKPL Singapore, Sassaki Associates Boston et al.
2008-09 Science & Cultural Park Zagreb-Borongaj, urban design study and master plan strategy, University of Zagreb
2008-09 ISCN/GULF Sustainable Campus Charter & Design Guidelines, urban design study, Novatlantis with Intep and Ernst Basler + Partner
2008 Stadtmitte am Fluss/ City Center on the River, consulting, Regional Capital of Saarbruecken
2008 Wissenschaftsstadt/ Science City Ulm, consulting, KCAP
2005 City Upgrade Graz, urban design study, with Ortlos Architekten
2003-05 Science City ETH Zurich, ETH Zurich, consulting KCAP
2002-03 Master Plan Vision ETH Hönggerberg, consulting, ETHZ Strategische Erfolgspositionen
2002-03 Reclaim the River: A Network of Experiential Waterscapes, urban design study, City of Cambridge, MA
2002-03 Media MUD: Laboratory for a New Digital Culture, urban design study, DMC Seoul
2001-03 Hugo Boss Town/ Mega Brandhub Metzingen, urban design study, City of Metzingen
2001-05 ANDI: A New Digital Instrument for the Urban-Architectural Practice, design of a networked production environment,, with ortlos architects Graz et al
2001-05 Residence Holunderweg 10, reconstruction,, private commission
1996-00 Residence & Bathhouse , extension and reconstruction of a mansion, private commission
1998 The Evolving Distributed Design Studio, design project, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge MA
1997-98 City of News/ Informatiosnraum Stadt, design projectdesign of an immersive space installation, MIT Media Laboratory, with F. Sparacino
1996-97 Biotech City Boston / MIT University Park, urban design study, MIT with Forest City Enterprises and Koetter Kim & Associates
1995-96 The Teufelsberg Berlin as Experimental Laboratory, design proposal for the conversion of a former radar station, Internationales Solarzentrum Berlin


since 2011 Waterfronts and Water Cities, NTNU
since 2010 Northern Norwegian Coast - Growing Cities and Shrinking Peripheries, NTNU
since 2010 Knowledge Cities / Cities of Knowledge, NTNU
since 2009 Sustainable Urban Futures, NTNU
since 2009 Urban Clusters in the Cultural Landscape, NTNU
2008-10 ISCN/GULF Sustainable Campus Charter & Design Principles, ISCN - International Sustainable Campus Network
since 2006 Campus Design and Planning: Academic and Corporate Developments, ETH Zurich / NTNU
since 2002 Branding and the City: Strategies of Corporate Architecture and Urban Design
2002-08 Emerging Corporate Urbanism: Sustainable Urban Design Stratieges within Brandhubs in the Experience Society, ETH-internal research project
2000-02 Open Source & Creative Collaboration in the Architectureal and Urban Design Practice, ETH Zurich, SNF-Project
2000-02 Build-It Teaching Network: Design and Planning System, ETH Zurich
2000-01 Bits and Spaces: Architecture and Computing for Physical, Virtual, Hybrid Realms, ETH Zurich
1999-01 EventSpaces: Programming and the City, ETH Zurich

Telematic City Relations: Complex Complementary and Contradictory Tendencies, Harvard University Graduate School of Design




ISCN 2010 - International Sustainable Campus Network Conference: Better Campus. Better City, member scientifc committee, Expo Shanghai/ Tongji University, organizers University of Luxembourg, Tongji University and ISCN


ISCN 2008 - International Sustainable Campus Network Conference, moderation Standards and Best Practice, ETH Zurich

13-15.06.2007 International Conference: Competitive Campuses, NTNU Trondheim, host and organization with Prof. Tore Haugen and Prof. Fredrik Shetelig (NTNU), Prof. Kees Christiaanse (ETH Zurich), Janne Corneil and Philip Parsons (Sasaki Associates Boston)
18.05.2006 International Symposium: Campus Design, ETH Zurich, host and moderation with Prof. Kees Christiaanse


ST 2012 Studio IBA Basel.2 – A New Trinational Waterfront, master studio, NTNU
ST 2012 Waterfronts – Living and Working along the Water, master course, NTNU
WT 2011 Studio IBA Basel.1 – A New Trinational Waterfront, master studio, NTNU
WT 2011 European Waterfront Developments, master course, NTNU
ST 2011

Lofoten and the Northern Norwegian Coast – In Search of A New Rural, master studio, NTNU

ST 2011 Architecture and Landscape Experiments in the Periphery, master course, NTNU
WT 2010 Retrofitting Gløshaugen – Masterplanning NTNU's Main Campus, master studio, NTNU
WT 2010 Knowledge Cities and Campuses – International Benchmarking, master course, NTNU
ST 2010 Zurich Schlieren North, master studio, NTNU
ST 2010 Urban Clusters & Valleys, master course, NTNU
2008-2009 Urban Design Master Class, master programme, MAS Spatial Planing and Development, ETHZ
ST 2008 Campus-Zagreb-Borongaj, master studio, University of Zagreb with Harvard University GSD and ETHZ, guest lecturer and critic
ST 2008 Future Cities Laboratory Singapore, seminar week, ETHZ, Professorships Angelil/ Christiaanse / Schmitt
WT 2008 University Landscape Helsinki/ Aalto University, master studio, Technical University of Helsinki, guest lecturer and critic
2007 Urban Design Master Class,master programme, MAS Real Estate Management, CUREM (Center for Urban & Real Estate Management Zurich), guest lecturer
ST 2007 Campus Design - New Learning Spaces, master studio, NTNU, Prof. Fredrik Shetelig, guest lecturer and critic
ST 2007 Innovation Park Dübendorf, master studio, ETH Zurich, Chair of Prof. Kees Christiaanse, consulting and critic
ST 2007 Student Living ETH Science City, master studio, ETH Zurich, Chair of Prof. Arthur Rüegg, guest lecturer and critic
ST 2007 The River Armatura of Florence, master studio, Syracus University Florence, Prof. Maya Krause, guest lecturer and critic
WT 2006 City Branding, master class, ZHDK, Institute Style & Design, guest lecturer
WT 2006 Developing the City, master programme, MAS Urban Identity and Design, ZHDK
ST 2006

Urban Design Master Class, master programme, MAS Real Estate Management, CUREM (Center for Urban & Real Estate Management), Zurich

ST 2006, WT 2006 Campus Design I + II, master courses, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
WT 2005 Made in China: Beijing and Shanghai, seminar week, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
ST 2005, WT 2005 Remote Control I +II, master courses, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse, with Alexander Lehnerer
WT 2004, ST 2005 Brandhubs I + II, master courses, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
ST 2004, WT 2004 Zurich Letzi I + II, master studios, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
ST 2004 Berlin: Urban Palimpsest, seminar week, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
WT 2003, ST 2004 Waalhaven Rotterdam I +II, master studios, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
WT 2003 Rotterdam: A Travelguide for the Unplanned City, seminar week, ETHZ, Professorship Kees Christiaanse
ST 2002 Serve City, master studio, Bauhaus Kolleg Dessau, advisor, guest lecturer and critic
ST 2001 Fictitious Extension of the Zürichberg Ensemble, master studio, ETHZ, Professorships Adrian Meyer/ Maia Engeli, guest lecturer
WT 1999-WT 2001 EventSpaces I-III, master courses, ETHZ with Urs Hirschberg, Fabio Gramzio et al.